Why Hire A Huntsville Alabama Accounting Firm

An accounting firm provides a host of tax and accounting services that enable business owners to do what they love best, without the headache of thinking of numbers and financial jargons.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a Huntsville Accounting Firm:

  • An accounting firm will be more objective and less costly than an in house accountant. If you hire a Huntsville accounting firm you will not have to pay social security tax withholding, Alabama State tax and workman compensation for an accounting employee or employees in an accounting department.
  • In addition, you will save BIG TIME from not having to pay for desk, computers and supplies for an accounting office. You will not have to spend huge sums of money on software and software upgrades for quickbooks, peachtree, Pro Series, Drake or any of the other payroll and tax softwares on the market.
  • Having an in house accountant means more space is needed. If you are renting, then you will have to think of an increase in rental payment concomitant with the space increase; but with an accounting firm your cost of office space for accounting purposes is zero.
  • There will be no cost incurred for sick days, vacation days. All work will be based on a fee per job basis, reducing  cost and unused capacity.
  • Some companies do not have the bulk of work to justify hiring an accountant. In some cases businesses can hire a part time accountant, but Social Security Withholding payments and other benefits can eat up profits. With an accounting firm work is done when work is required. For instance, work increases during the tax season, around the time for quarterly reports or on payroll day.
  • When mistakes are made the business will not have to incur professional charges to make corrections
  • There is no hiring process and no cost associated with turnover.
  • No cost incurred by having an employee drive to the Huntsville Alabama tax assessor office or the local IRS office

    huntsville alabama tax accounting firm

If you own a business and you are looking for an inexpensive, reliable accounting firm, call Accent Accounting: 256-533-9456

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