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There are several ways to find a good tax preparer / advisor in Huntsville Alabama. Of course word of mouth, meaning referral from friends and family with good testimonial about the tax preparer / accountant, is a plus. If the tax professional can not help with your particular tax issue, ask for a referral.

Some tax advisors do specialize

Some tax advisors specialize in certain areas of accounting. For instance some tax advisors deal with real estate, other capital gains, while most deal with general tax issues like 1040 filing, Schedule C, small business quarterly tax and the like.

If you are having issues with the IRS, such as garnishment of tax return or IRS audit, locate a tax professional that do understand your unique tax problem.

Find a tax advisor in a networking group

There are many networking groups in Huntsville Alabama with strong checks and balances to ensure that members of the group are professional when dealing with clients.

So if you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce, African American Chamer of Commerce, Women's Business Center, BIN or any of the other business networking groups, ask about  tax and accounting professional that are members.

Get a tax advisor who will empathize  with your tax concerns

There are many tax advisors and preparers in Huntsville that are only concern about making a quick buck. Find one that gives a free hour consultation. After all, before you give someone your money and your business, you should at least get to know them.

Find a professional that is willing to sit and talk with you about the different options available to your unique tax situation.

Opt for a licensed tax and accounting professional

Only sequester the assistance of a Huntsville tax accountant that is licensed and who operates all year round as a full time tax advisor. A full time tax accountant deals with tax issues on a daily basis and is more keenly aware of changes in tax laws.

A professional accountant most likely will have an office where you can meet them at your convenience. Also, they have the knowledge and authority to represent you when dealing with the IRS.Alabama tax advisor

In addition, a professional tax and accounting advisor will explain to you line by line where money from different aspect of your business is allocated and where you can cut cost to improve your business

Find an accountant that is flexible

Find an accountant which is flexible with pay, time and travel. Some accounting firms will charge you a large sum of money even before commencing work on a project. Try to avoid such tax firms.

An accountant that will travel to your business site is a plus. If the accountant office is in Huntsville, and they are willing to travel to Madison, Harvest, Decatur, Meridianville, Toney or any of the surrounding areas to visit clients - they can save you a lot of driving time. This means that they are concerned about your business trajectory and will do anything to get your business

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