Small Business Tax Savings

Pros and Cons for Small Businesses that Use Home Office Tax Deduction
Deducting the cost of working out of your home can be a real plus when it comes to saving on taxes. However, meeting the terms of IRS regulations can be a bit overwhelming. According
8 Tax Tips for Businesses and Self-Employed Individuals 2009
You get a raise every time you find a legitimate tax deduction. The IRS lists only a small number of the allowable deductions on their forms, and they are not going to tell you about
How to Report 1099 Income
With the increase in bloggers, affiliate marketers, eBay sellers and other online business owners, the topic of reporting miscellaneous income and 1099 forms has been coming
Business Tax planning gains for year end 2008
A majority of businesses are organized as pass-through entities that transfer their income and tax liability to the individual owners. Those businesses will need to combine individual