Income Tax Issues

Tax Advisor Huntsville Al
There are several ways to find a good tax preparer / advisor in Huntsville Alabama. Of course word of mouth, meaning referral from friends and family with good testimonial
Alabama House committee OKs suspension of grocery sales tax
A proposal to remove the state's 4 percent tax on the purchase of groceries passed the first hurdle in the Alabama Legislature on Thursday. The bill
Tax Break for new car buyers approved by Senate
The Senate voted Tuesday to give a tax break to new car buyers, setting aside bipartisan concerns over the size of an economic stimulus bill with a price tag approaching $900
Alabama needs a law to regulate tax preparers
By STEPHEN FOSTER BLACK As we move into a new tax filing season, in the midst of the most severe recession in three generations, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) has never
Free Tax Help Available Nationwide
Nearly 12,000 free tax preparation sites will be open nationwide this year as the Internal Revenue Service continues Helps Economy-Weary Consumers with Tax Center
It's that time of year again. In fact, consumers weary of the current economic state have probably had tax filing season on the mind for some time. Now consumers and small businesses looking
IRS Revises Tuition Program Regulations
The Internal Revenue Service has given Section 529 tuition programs the ability to change their investment strategies more frequently in response to the financial crisis. The
Tax Stategies Under Obama Tax Plan
Everyone is aware that President-elect Barack Obama has stated his case clearly that there will be a major tax bill for 2009. As our experience shows, a first-term tax law will
Should You File a Tax Return - Who should file
If you are a US citizen, you must file for income tax return if your income is above certain levels. Other factors such as age
Retirement Plans for Public Schools and Exempt Organizations Get Extension
The IRS issued a notice today announcing relief for certain retirement plans that do not have a written plan in place by January 1, 2009. The new guidance is for retirement plans covering
IRS Interest Rates Drop for the First Quarter of 2009
The Internal Revenue Service today announced in Revenue Ruling 2008-54 that interest rates for the calendar quarter beginning Jan. 1, 2009 will drop by one percentage point.
IRS Urges Taxpayers To e-file Extension Requests by April 15 Filing Deadline
The Internal Revenue Service today urged taxpayers who need additional time to complete their tax returns to submit their requests for an automatic extension electronically
Get your tax forms in order ahead of time
All businesses have a tax obligation to the federal government and the state of Oregon. You can find federal information at and Oregon information
Pay Your Taxes Electronically - Use EFTPS
If you owe federal taxes, consider paying
Summer Tax Tips from the IRS
(ATLANTA, GA) Summertime fun - barbeques, trips to the beach, picnics and taxes. Yes, taxes. "Being aware of the tax issues - and preparing
Jackson Hewitt Provides Tips on Conducting a Mid-Year Tax Review
Summer is a great time for barbeques, picnics, visits to the beach and reviewing your tax situation! Jackson Hewitt Tax Service(R) notes that with the 2007 tax year just past
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
Preparing tax returns can be frustrating and confusing, but we can help. Hempstead Town's VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Program offers free tax assistance to senior
Valentine's Day and Taxes: CCH Outlines Five Ways to Say I Love You This Tax Season
The love struck are expected to spend $16.9 billion on Valentine's gifts this year. This doesn't include the amount their Valentine may be costing them in taxes, according
Income tax help: Filing tips for seniors
DEAR SAVVY SENIOR: Can you give me the 2006 limits where seniors don't have to file a federal tax return? I manage a senior citizens center and many of our retirees live on very limited
The 2007 income tax filing season is bringing a number of "news" to taxpayers including a new deadline for filing tax; new, lower income tax rates; new, easier-to-use (but
Get a Bigger Tax Refund this Year
Several changes in tax legislation took place in 2006, and consumers may not be aware of what is new for this filing season. As taxpayers receive their tax information, they
New Tax Rules for the Poor
New tax rules for 2007 will bring about a good year for the poorest of tax-filers in Maryland. Tax-filers can now earn up to $37,000 and still be entitled to the Earned Income
Better safe than sorry when documenting for income tax purposes
Income tax practitioner Lois Shell states that documentation throughout the year is the main factor in filing an accurate income tax return. To schedule an appointment, or for
New Book Provides Taxpayers with Strategies For Getting a Tax Refund:This Year, Next Year and Every year
With millions of American taxpayers preparing to file their 2006 tax returns, millions more are hoping that they will not owe taxes, but will get a tax refund. While the hopes
CCH Outlines Where to Claim Deductions Not Listed on the 1040 and How to Claim the Phone Tax Refund
If you thought that the instructions for assembling a holiday gadget in December were daunting, just wait until you tackle the Form 1040 at tax time, according to CCH, a Wolters
Cutting taxes paid to Uncle Sam a good New Year's idea
My dear departed mother was big on New Year's resolutions when I was growing up. Her long list of tasks for me included doing more chores around the house, completing my homework
Take Advantage of 2007 Tax Provisions
New Year's Day came and saluted us with a few changes: higher contribution limits for 401(k) plans, a decline in the top federal estate-tax rate and more deduction for many mortgage
5 Great Tax Breaks for Regular Folks
Most Americans aren't rich, and we are usually too busy working to keep abreast of all the tax law changes that Congress decides to make every year. So, here are some great tax
AARP Encourages Use of New 'Split Refund' Tax Filing Option to Save and Invest
While the holiday season is upon us, tax season is just around the corner. AARP is drawing attention to a new program that they hope will encourage people to save and invest
Top 10 Year End Tax Tips
The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full gear -- shopping for that perfect present, baking holiday treats, decorating your home and preparing your 2006 tax return??? Although
9 ways to cut your taxes and Increase your Returns before Year Ends
There is only a few more weeks left before the end of the year, but you still have time left for some tax-saving moves. Each year brings with it new opportunities and challenges
Phone excise tax refund, other tax time hints
By MIKE SULLIVAN ELGIN -- Keeping pace with an ever-evolving Internal Revenue Service tax code has helped Krueger Tax & Business Advisory become a valuable resource for Is Expanding Its Services, a national tax preparation service offering Refund Anticipation Loans (RAL) to taxpayers nationwide, are proud to announce the opening of our Memphis, TN office
Intuit Gives Accountants Power to Get More Accomplished
Accounting professionals and their clients now have more ways to save money and save time through a new program introduced today by Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU). Through its new
First $2,400 of Unemployment Benefits Tax Free for 2009
All or part of unemployment benefits received in 2009 will be tax free for many unemployed workers, according to the
IRS Tips On Avoiding Mistakes When Doing Your Taxes
As we move into 2007 it is always a good idea to learn from other peoples' tax mistakes of 2006. Last Year Tax Courts and the Internal Revenue Service shed light on a number of
10 Do's and Do Not's for Filing and Lowering Your Taxes
1. Do keep good records of your expenditures. 2. Do keep your receipts, even if its in a shoe box. Its better to have the backup in case IRS ask questions. 3. If you are
Child care account a tax saver
Kathleen Pender San Francisco Chronicle As if holding down a job and raising kids isn't stressful enough, many working parents are scrambling to make an important tax decision:
Refunds waiting for taxpayers to claim them
Sunday, November 19, 2006 By KAIJA WILKINSON The Internal Revenue Service is trying to find nearly 180 Mobile and Baldwin county residents or former residents to deliver
Mutual Funds & Personal Finance
How To Use '05 In '06 Tax Preparation BY DONALD JAY KORN FOR INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY You can organize year-end tax planning like a committee meeting. First you take
Year-end maneuvering can minimize your income tax bite
The ever-expanding stacks of old books my wife, Georgina, and I want to give to our public library are crowding our home office. We are itching to clean out the bedroom closets,