Capital Gains Tax

Tax Resolution Services for Victims of Investment Fraud
While the list of investors allegedly defrauded by Bernie Madoff's $50 billion scheme continues to grow, experienced tax professionals are advising victims to take advantage
Capital Gains Tax Advice
CGT is payable, in full, on the sale of your PPR if it is not in the name of an individual who lives there. So, if the property is held in the name of a company, trust or anyone
Tax-Smart Investment Planning Before Year-End
With just one month to go before the new year, investors still have time to make tax-smart trading decisions that could help them in the upcoming tax season, according to the
Reporting Capital Gains
In order to educate taxpayers about their filing obligations, this fact sheet, the twelfth in a series, provides information with regard to capital gains reporting. Incorrect
Claim what's due you: Low-wage workers should use tax credit
For three decades, the federal government has offered a helping hand to low-wage workers through the Earned Income Tax Credit. The credit can put thousands of dollars into the