Adding Income Account in Quickbooks

How to Create Income Account in Quickbooks

About Balancing Your Bank Account in Quickbooks

1. Open QuickBooks. From the top menu, select Banking, then select Reconcile. The Begin Reconciliation window opens.

2. From the Account drop-down box, select account you wish to reconcile.

3. Enter the Statement Date as shown on the bank statement.

4. Verify that the Beginning Balance in QuickBooks is the same as the beginning balance on the bank statement. If these amounts are not the same, you may have changed or deleted a previously reconciled transaction. See #b below.

5. Enter the Ending Balance as shown on bank statement.

6. Enter any Service Charges. From the Account drop-down box, select a Bank Service Charges account.

7. If the statement shows any interest earned, record it in the Interest Earned box. From the Account drop-down box, select an Other Income account called Interest Earned. If this account does not exist, scroll up to create it.

8. Click Continue. The Reconcile window opens.

9. Place a checkmark next to each entry that appears on the both the bank statement and in the Reconcile window. Notice that there are two columns-

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