Quickbooks 2009 Upgrade Error Troubleshooting

Mike Block is a well known Fort Lauderdale QuickBooks CPA. Network permission QuickBooks errors gave him lots of trouble recently. These bad network permission QuickBooks errors involve QuickBooks 2008 and other QuickBooks version error messages like, "You may not have sufficient permissions to create an accountant's copy from this computer" or "You may not have sufficient permissions to create a portable company file from this computer."

Messages from these network permission QuickBooks errors had him try to change server permissions, which did not help. We were working around such network permission QuickBooks errors by temporarily copying files to local drives. However, we now have an QuickBooks 2009 Upgrade Intuit Support message that this network permission QuickBooks error occurs if:

The name of the company data file or folder contains non-alphanumeric characters, such as apostrophe ( ' ), ampersand (&), dash (-) or hash (#). For example, F:John's dataQuickBooksSmith & Jones Plumbing.qbw.

The data operation is taking place over a network.

Multiple workstations are configured to host the data file.

The Windows user does not have sufficient permissions on the server.

There is data damage in the company file.

Block began his BlockTax.com QuickBooks Errors pages 10 years ago. However, many new QuickBooks errors, including ones like the the network permission QuickBooks errors, are better shown on the new QuickBooks 2009 upgrade Live Community Support site. He only found this network permission QuickBooks error solution on this exciting new QuickBooks 2009 upgrade site, where it seemed to jump out at us. He suspect many will soon see this, especially with the new QuickBooks 2009 upgrade Live Community in-context and User-to-User help and the substantial amount of extra video that is part of the new Sneak Preview of the QuickBooks 2009 upgrade beta.

It helps if your QuickBooks 2009 upgrade friends include amazing Intuit CEO Brad Smith. My home page Our QuickBooks Friends link has Brad writing, "I am reaching out to you in hopes we can schedule a 30 minute call to make introductions and briefly discuss ideas and areas of focus. I understand this is the busiest time of year, but have been told by Rich Walker, Tom Allanson and others that you have been quite open to taking time to assist Intuit, are a tremendous voice of reason and one of our most impactful and innovative Professional Advisors."

A top exec meeting soon got a new Intuit feedback site Block wanted. He also wanted Tech Support to use ProAdvisors to help users when calls back up, indirectly leading to the exciting new QuickBooks 2009 upgrade Live Support site. Many calls and fast email exchanges (even on Sunday) led Brad to often help me with users. He got QuickBooks upgraded in 5 days for Block's add-ons developer, counting the weekend before Christmas. This, and his fast rise to run the Consumer Tax and QuickBooks divisions, made Block write he would be the next Intuit CEO 2 years before he was. Brad wrote, "You're fantastic Mike. Absolutely fantastic!"

Block often talks to Intuit executives like Brad about how others could get the type of support that made him so wildly happy with Intuit. For example, simply asking for a case number and asking to escalate a problem will get you terrific service, as he often wrote. The new QuickBooks 2009 upgrade Live Community support has a web first approach that automates case numbers.

It was clear you did not have to be a ProAdvisor to answer questions well. Brad got research showing users prefer having questions answered by other users (not Intuit tech support). This made Brad have links to such Live Community user-to-user support built right into TurboTax, which has far more users than QuickBooks. In the first year TurboTax users gave answers to 40% of questions from other users, before support people got to them. Users also tended to give better answers. In addition, there were more accountants and users available to answer questions when there were more questions. It lets users show off and repay the help they get from other users, helps cut costs and helps accountants get clients. All this is in the new QuickBooks 2009 Upgrade Live Community site.

The Live Community links are now built right into the QuickBooks 2009 upgrade, so accountants and users can ask questions while working in QuickBooks. It automatically limits question posts by displaying prior answers based on where users are in the QuickBooks 2009 Upgrade and possibly by natural-language analysis. A great new search engine, with more branching and online tools, speeds how we find QuickBooks 2009 upgrade answers. Extra QuickBooks 2009 upgrade videos also may make many fall in love with the QuickBooks 2009 upgrade Live Community site, as Block did.

We will soon have better QuickBooks 2009 upgrade phone and web support. Users will have assigned phone numbers, call back numbers, case IDs and web sections for different types of problems, so they get the right QuickBooks 2009 upgrade help fast. QuickBooks 2009 upgrade buyers will get 30 days of free assisted support, plus free bug or emerging issue support and unlimited QuickBooks 2009 upgrade free self-service support. ProAdvisors will have better QuickBooks 2009 upgrade web tools 24/7, plus no change in phone access to our top U.S. based team. They will still be prominent support options on the new QuickBooks 2009 upgrade support site, with links to the Find-a-ProAdvisor site.

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