Should You Upgrade to QuickBooks 2009

QuickBooks is the top small business accounting software, with 94.2% of recent retail sales. However, many find it does not meet all financial or business-management needs. To compensate, they buy extra software or adapt Excel or Word. They also may scrap QuickBooks for five-figure software promising greater usability and integration. Such programs often need higher priced staff and have very costly data conversion, training, upgrade, delay and consultant costs. That is why we say QuickBooks 2009 Upgrade? Outgrowing QuickBooks? QuickBooks Add-ons!

Upgrading from QuickBooks is almost always a very big mistake, according to a report from the Association of QuickBooks Technologists (AQBT). Few QuickBooks users, company executives, computer personnel and consultants know the fastest, easiest, least expensive, least disruptive and most accurate way to expand QuickBooks uses QuickBooks Add-ons. I coined this term around 10 years ago, after taking over a QuickBooks beta forum to discuss what we most wanted from QuickBooks. At the time Intuit seemed actively hostile to QuickBooks Add-ons, but I soon helped it see that these add-ons could provide much that it would never provide in a low-cost mass-market program. Three years later it suddenly decided that developers of QuickBooks Add-ons would be a top priority. This partly related to finding that users of QuickBooks Add-ons upgraded QuickBooks twice as often as non-add-on users. Now we again say QuickBooks 2009 Upgrade? Outgrowing QuickBooks? QuickBooks Add-ons!

Users can add QuickBooks Add-ons to most versions of QuickBooks, including the fast new QuickBooks 2009 upgrades, to let even rather large companies use QuickBooks. This is especially true with the 25 and 30 user Enterprise versions of the QuickBooks 2009 update. They reflect the fact that QuickBooks is now much faster for multi-user operations, with many functions (like backup) no longer requiring single user access or running much faster (44% faster reports). I was the first to report that users could use the free QuickBooks Enterprise Database Manager to speed substantially up QuickBooks Pro and Premier users. I also wrote Speed Up QuickBooks for my website long before giving Intuit permission to copy this and my QuickBooks Shortcuts to the QuickBooks Community site Library, with attribution. I will soon have the QuickBooks Enterprise Database Manager as a free download. That is why we now again say QuickBooks 2009 Upgrade? Outgrowing QuickBooks? QuickBooks Add-ons!

Dawn Scranton is a Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor, Certified QuickBooks Point of Sale Advisor and author of the popular book,

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